December 2013: 12 Days of Learning Opportunities

The holiday season is always an exciting time for students and teachers. To help celebrate, we’re counting down the 12 days of learning opportunities, presenting you with our gifts of content collections from the netTrekker content team. You’ll find rich, engaging content, game-based opportunities, plenty of interaction, instructional support, and links for additional research. You can find coverage in all subject areas and grade levels. Truly the gifts that keep on giving, we with you a happy holiday season with glad tiding of learning and joy!

Content Collection gifts

“…on the first day of the holiday season, the netTrekker Content Team gave to me….12 days of curated collections offering amazing learning opportunities”

To open these amazing gifts, click on that day’s button to go to a sample result set OR enter the name of the collection in the netTrekker search box. Remember you can refine your search using the subject directory available in the left navigation bar. Click on the tablet screen to see the highlighted example from that collection. (You must be logged in to see these resources)

Vocab Ahead

…PSAT and SAT vocabulary building

…word-of-the-day, word lists & crossword puzzles

…animated video definitions and context for each word

Manga High

…voted in Top 100 by District Administrators

…animated comic book style with math concepts

…students can unlock new levels of learning through mastery


…engaging game-driven content in math and language arts

…for elementary and middle school grade levels

…extremely popular – check out student favorite Make A Snowman

The Why Files

…science and social studies topics for curious students asking “why”

…for elementary and middle school grade levels

…article format gives learners engaging informational text

…game-based activities and exercises

…topics drawn from Nobel Prize award winning content and ideas

…photos, interviews and much more about Nobel Laureate recipients and their contributions


…fun name, fun collection, intended to connect with today’s learners and their styles

…articles and images in social studies, math and languages

…ACT/SAT math support

Read Write Think

…focused on reading, writing and critical thinking

…lesson plans with tools for instructors

…students can print, save or email to instructors right from each activity


…covering current events shaping student’s worlds

…comprehensive articles with videos, charts, graphs, and monitored student comments

…paired with netTrekker’s tools articles increase comprehension with non-fiction text

Science Buddies

…project-based learning in science

…develops scientific literacy, vocabulary and procedures

…detailed experiment choices and descriptions

Teacher’s Domain/PBS Learning

…rich video and interactive pieces

…teacher content includes discussion topics, questions and video transcripts

…in Operation Heart Transplant students learn parts of the heart to save a patient!

We Give Books

…browser based literature

…perfect for use on tablets, whiteboards and computer lab machines

…additional quick search capabilities within the collection to find books by subject area


…engaging video based resources

…extremely effective in a flipped learning environment

…quick assessment pieces available in each resource

In this holiday season, we wish you…Great Tidings of Learning and Joy!

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