May 2014: 4C’s from icurio


Avoid the pitfalls of procrastination by enlisting the four C’s to proactively find, refresh, and reinvent your curriculum over the summer. icurio’s combination of rich content, curation tools and collaboration/connection opportunities, can take you from  prepping to prepared for back to school.

  • Use fresh learning opportunities to heat up last year’s curriculum
  • Find new ideas and new approaches to challenges presented by Common Core objectives
  • Provide opportunities for educators to connect to colleagues, students and parents with learning content


icurio’s learning resource library is continuously updated and maintained to deliver the best digital content, so teachers and students can activate learning by accessing educator-curated, standards-aligned digital resources for every subject and grade level, all in one place.

Did You Know? Before a resource is added to icurio’s resource library, it must be certified as Learning Ready through Knovation’s 127-point process (which includes includes evaluation by an educator for relevancy, accuracy, standards alignment and safety).

Have You Seen? In April 2014, we updated our content with new resources across all subject areas in icurio. Check it out here .


icurio is designed to support your effective curation of content with tools that allow you to quickly find the specific types of learning resources you need. This combined with the powerful My Content feature that allows you to collect and manage the content you have curated.

Did You Know? As an icurio user, you have access to your own personal My Content area where you can collect and manage learning resources. Students also have the ability to bring resources together for their work, such as research materials or project-related pieces.

Have You Seen? Check out the overview of the My Content tools here. Also, refresh your curation skills by learning more about ways you can narrow and focus your results here.


One of the challenges with learning resources is finding ways to share ideas and build resource collections collaboratively. icurio supports collaboration by helping educators take the resources they have curated or curriculum initiative collections they are building to areas where multiple groups and locations can access and/or modify them.

Did You Know? Many educators share resources directly with one student or a group of students using the Passcode Folder. The Passcode Folder is different than sharing resources on My School or My District Folders because only the users who have joined a Passcode Folder can access the resources collected there.

Have You Seen? Our overview of Passcode Folders explains how to create one and will help you as you build resources for your learners – check it out here. Being able to move and copy resources and folders are important functions of the My Content area, check out how they work here.


Educators create some pretty amazing resource collections – seeing how others have curated or constructed their units or lessons is a great place to get inspiration. Connecting with content that other educators have contributed can be accomplished with in the Curios tab in My Content.

Did You Know? The Curios tab also provides resources and ideas for organization, addressing Common Core objectives, professional learning and many other items to help you use icurio more effectively.

Have You Seen? The Curios tab. You should certainly take some time to explore this area. Simply click on the Curios tab in your My Content or click here and log in to icurio.

Review the Basics in icurio

In case you are curious about how icurio works and would like a refresher, you can watch the tutorial video, quickly find Content and activities to review the basics.

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