Achieving Educator Goals with netTrekker

The combination of technology and digital content can be powerful in delivering successful learning outcomes, but often the introduction of technology into classrooms fails to meet grand expectations. While we can point to several things that may contribute to this, the inability to find and deliver effective digital content is a key factor. Although there is a wealth of high-quality digital content already created and available, it costs teachers’ time to sift through it all to find exactly what they need to achieve their goals.

In asking educators to rate their satisfaction with netTrekker when trying to achieve 14 key educational goals and objectives, educators confirmed that netTrekker is delivering at a very high level of satisfaction on all key objectives tested.

92% of educators who use netTrekker are extremely satisfied that netTrekker has helped them achieve their educational goals and objectives!

These high satisfaction ratings are easy to understand–netTrekker has a team of curriculum experts who evaluate, tag and organize the best digital content from a wide range of providers and align each resource to standards. The value of easily accessing a variety of high-quality resources in different formats and at different learning levels, in conjunction with built-in learning support tools, translates to netTrekker’s high satisfaction ratings.

Top 5 Goals & Objectives Educators Achieve with netTrekker


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1. Incorporate 21st century skills into instruction

2. Provide a safe and reliable online educational resource for parents to use at home with their children

3. Access tools and resources that enable the transition from print to digital

4. Facilitate self-directed learning for students

5. Save time by locating quality educational resources in one place


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