Achieving Student Goals with netTrekker

In times where the focus on college- and career-readiness is stronger than ever, there is added value placed on solutions that enhance students’ ability to take ownership of their learning. Digital natives are naturally inclined to use technology for everything in their lives, including learning. In this context, digital content can make a huge difference by allowing students to learn in ways that best fit their learning preferences and styles, increasing motivation and engagement. But, at times, the abundance of digital content all over the web can distract and mislead students instead of engaging and guiding them.

netTrekker provides students with easy access to accurate and reliable information in different formats and at different learning levels, coupled with learning support tools available from every resource. Teachers reported that netTrekker’s hundreds of thousands of high-quality digital resources, organized and tagged in an intuitive way, helped students achieve key accomplishments.

A very high 98% of educators surveyed said using netTrekker has helped their students accomplish educational goals and objectives!


Top 5 Student Goals & Objectives Accomplished with netTrekker


Impact Study Image

1. Research a topic

2. Learn independently

3. Be more engaged

4. Learn in a different way

5. Explore personal learning interests


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