April 2014: Renew & Grow: Fresh Learning Opportunities for Special Learners

Renew and Grow: Fresh Learning Opportunities for Special Learners

Spring is a time to anticipate new life. Let icurio help you discover new life around learning for all of your learners. No matter what challenges learners are facing districts can continue to help students acheive results and mastery by using icurio’s powerful digital content and tools to provide different ways of learning. icurio can help in the following ways:

  • Renew engagement and the hope of knowing with learning opportunities that capture the hearts and minds of special learners.

    With resources in various types of media, students are able to access information in ways that are best suited to them.

    Some Learners on the Autism spectrum have a strong appetite for pattern and tracking movement.

    Renew & Grow: Refine your content results to include interactive media, video and/or learning games.

    Students are able to practice and review what they have learned in many different subject areas, with the depth of icurio content across the curriculum.

    Gifted learners can tend to be more engaged and motivated by (deeper exploration) of topics that are of interest to them

    Renew & Grow: Use cross-curricular searches to tie interests to learning objectives. For example, you can use the keyword phrase (Civil War children), and then use the learning aid refinement for Primary Source to find a diary of a young girl during the Civil War.

    Grow self-directedness to support learners’ ownership of their own learning.

    Group learners together to work on skill building sequences.

    Many learners struggle with having enough time and small enough learning opportunities to build mastery of a topic before it is no longer focus in the classroom.

  • Renew & Grow: Use My Content to build small group curriculum sets that students have access to in the classroom and at home for as long as they need them.

    Having a system that is designed to enhance educator curation of content, in combination with learning resources gives the learners structure and support they need.

    Many ADHD learners need to have learning barriers removed from their experience to help them focus on the learning moment.

    Renew & Grow: Use My Content to gather resources to address specific objectives, and add instructions to those resources in the folder structure.

    Tools that tailor resources to the needs of students and give learners control of how they consume and process information are very helpful and allow you to appropriately pace instruction.

    Students with Dyslexia are often frustrated by text, since they tend to focus first on decoding information rather than reading for meaning, or comprehension.

    Renew & Grow: Use Read Aloud to allow students to have the words on the screen, with options for them to control the speed, gender and volume , along with the privacy to have a passage read aloud to them as many times as they like.

Review the Basics in icurio

In case you are curious about how icurio works and would like a refresher, you can watch the tutorial video, quickly find Content and activities to review the basics.

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