Cheers to Susan B. Anthony Day

SBA in all her glory

On February 15th, we celebrate the life of Susan B. Anthony, a brave suffragette and great civil rights leader in the United States. Learn all about her life and her efforts to win voting rights for women including how she originally got into “trouble”, her early life and character, the famous convention, casting her ballot, the arrest/trial, and aftereffects.

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Celebrating Weather Forecasters

The WeatherDude

Did you know people use to forecast the weather by watching the behavior of animals and insects? Luckily, we have the technology today to make weather forecasting a science that can be pretty accurate (except when we are planning an outdoor event!). Learn from Nick Walker, the weather dude, how meteorologists predict the weather. Sing along with his song, find out the different methods to forecast weather, and complete weather based activities. Happy National Weatherman’s Day (2/5)!

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A Day to Celebrate Opposites

Tall and Short

The opposite of everything is celebrated on the 25th for Opposite Day. If you are tall, celebrate shortness. If you are blue-eyed, celebrate the brown-eyed folks in our midst. Check out this word game exploring antonyms then create an original story about them. For ideas click the nouns and opposites buttons until the opposites you want to write about appear.

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National Chocolate Day? Yum!

Celebrating Chocolate!

Even though it is loved all year round, there is one day when we are called to celebrate chocolate across the country – National Chocolate Day on December 28th! Learn all about where chocolate actually comes from – as a seed of the tropical cacao tree. Chocolat iteself has been a prized taste sensation for more than 2,500 years. One reason chocolate is so nice to eat is that it melts just below body temperature. So it really does melt in your mouth! Learn more about this tasty treat in this article by GLOBIO.

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Celebrating Wright Brothers Day

Wright Brothers Flights

Imagine traveling around during late 1900′ Ohio and then to Kittyhawk, North Carolina to learn about the Fathers of Flight. Celebrate the invention of flight by observing Wright Brothers Day on December 17th with the help of NASA! Engage in learning with activities, simulations, primary sources, photos, historical articles and blueprints plus watching video clips of their early flights. Place yourself back in history and see how their inventions have helped transform the lives of people around the world.

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