Celebrate our Armed Forces this week: Chance Discoveries – Kevlar

Armed Forces Day is May 20th and we want to look at an invention that has save many soldiers’ lives – Kevlar.
Have you ever wondered if all mistakes in science end up in the garbage? Find out about one important mistake in this video, part of a series on “Chance Discoveries” in chemistry. Hear how veteran NBC News war correspondent Richard Engel tells the story of lab work done in 1965 by DuPont chemist Stephanie Kwolek that unexpectedly produced Kevlar, a lightweight fiber five times stronger than steel. Kevlar fibers can be spun into anti-ballistic, shrapnel-resistant material for protective body armor worn by police forces, military troops and those in combat zones, including Engel himself.

See more at https://science360.gov/obj/video/ff988118-72a9-404c-b3dd-b0a065239655