December 2013: The Content Gift Exchange

The Content Exchange – Giving and Receiving Learning Opportunities

In this season of gifting, Knovation’s Content Team welcomes you to the Content Exchange: Giving and Receiving Learning Opportunities with icurio!

To: icurio Educators, From: Knovation Content Team

At Knovation, our curriculum content team and evaluators are experienced educators who curate incredible collections, like the current events collection and our elementary themes especially for our icurio subscribers. Remember, you can see these collections from the icurio Discovery page within the Subject Navigator.

Current Events Collection

This extremely powerful collection provides engaging learning opportunities in all topic areas. The collection delivers a quick start in the most enticing news, perfect for a hook in different topic areas or providing an authentic informational text reading opportunity. Looking for current events in specific areas? Direct your attention to the space to the left, using the topic navigation, to find more news in more areas like Science news, news from Antarctica, or by states.

Elementary Themes Collection

The Elementary Themes area is a much loved collection for K-6 educators, delivering great thematic resources that lend themselves easily to cross-curricular instruction. From Fossils to Friendship, you will find that these collections capture the hearts and minds of learners, yet bring the kinds of learning opportunities across all subject areas that many educators are seeking.

Dig deeper into any theme to start your discovery – taking the opportunity to note the variety available within the results. Look at the results through different lenses to see the amazing choices available:

  1. By collection, for example the BrainPOP collection – under the collections drop down menu to the left of the result set
  2. By subject, for example Language Arts, Writing Process – under the subject area section to the left of the result set
  3. By characteristic, for example Learning Games – under the learning aides drop down menu to the left of the result set

To: Knovation Content Team, From: Icurio Educators

With every content gift we give, we know we will receive so much back from educators. Partnering with our subscribers to understand how content is being used in learning has helped to shape icurio into the comprehensive digital curriculum content solution that it is today. We encourage feedback about additional content needs and use a collaborative approach to ensure we understand and respond to your specific needs. Our content team constantly reaches out to icurio users to make sure we are supporting the rich learning opportunities in your schools.

Feedback on individual content resources

Contact the content team and give us your gifts, whether they are better key words we can use, helping us improve the relevancy of results or just suggesting resource we need to add.

Use the “report a problem” link directly in the individual piece of content. It’s always in the right-hand corner of your screen. You can choose one of the clarification types or you can provide your own comments. The actual resource is sent to our content team so we know exactly what you are referring to. The content team, in turn, can review it, take it out of circulation, make corrections or retag it for better clarification before restoring it for use.

Use the “contact us” link at the bottom of every page in icurio. There are categories you can choose, or you can use the open feedback field. Simply supply your name and email address and then share. You can ask questions, share feedback, make requests, as it relates to content.

Collaboration with our content experts for content topic help and ideas

When you share with us, we can better understand where we have gaps in our content collections and how we can help educators with additional or improved ways to access content. Feel encouraged to partner with our team and give us feedback about where you need to see content, if you’re having trouble finding content, and how it can be tagged more efficiently to help you access it.

Use the power of the content team for your whole school/district curriculum plan. We know that sometimes understanding the content needs within your district or school can be a challenge – your district curriculum team can work with Knovation’s content team to identify and think about ways to address your specific instructional learning opportunities! Contact your icurio subscription account manager – they can facilitate a collaborative approach with our team.

Review the Basics in icurio

In case you are curious about how icurio works and would like a refresher, you can watch our video tutorial, Quickly Find Content and Activities to review the basics. Also, check out other monthly topics available in the Getting to Know icurio archive.

Happy Holidays From All of Us at Knovation!

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