January 2014: Digital Learning Every Day

Educators are focusing on digital learning at this time of the year, especially since Digital Learning Day (on February 5th) provides a national focus on the opportunities and approaches that digital learning provides for educators and learners. With your netTrekker subscription, amazing digital learning opportunities can happen every day and impact learning all year long! Activities and learning objects can be as simple or as challenging as you like. From interactive activities to lesson plans, full project-based learning units and more, netTrekker has digital learning opportunities for every child, every day!

Start the New Year with a new idea you can quickly incorporate into everyday instruction, the netTrekker Timeline.

Suggestions for timely digital learning in the classroom:

  • Give a famous person a “life,” by discovering events, innovations, and even other famous people related to that famous person based on their own timeline.
  • Have students create their own personalized timelines, encouraging them to discover how events, arts, discoveries and famous people from their lifetime have impacted their lives today.
  • Give students a choice of two famous people from the same time period to compare and contrast – have them create a story relating possible or imaginary interactions.

Spend some time with the Timeline…

  • Drill down through the Timeline for deeper exploration
  • Expand/contract the categories for additional resources
  • Create a customized Timeline by entering your own dates
  • Make interdisciplinary connections with your students

Use the Tools tab (A) on netTrekker’s main page to access Timeline (B) – there are two simple ways to explore Timeline.

1. Select a Timeline from grade-relevant selections by topic (such as U.S. History)

  • Scan the entire page, as you scroll down the page, note the different directions you can take with the timeline:Events, Innovations/Discoveries, Arts and Famous People
  • Each item title leads you to curated content results for deeper exploration.

  • Access additional timeline information for that specific item by clicking on the timeline icon( ).

2. Choose to customize your own Timeline using Enter a Time Span. Enter From / To Year fields for your defined results.

What do BC and AD mean? Find out now

  • Expand/contract the five categories of Eras, Events, Arts, Innovations/Discoveries and Famous People by selecting the plus/minus (+/-) in the upper left corner of each section.
  • A solid bar displays Timeline objects. The length of the bar reflects the time span of that item. For example, the Texas Revolution (A ) was a short time span, but the Reform Movements (B) shows a longer bar.

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