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Every year, District Administration magazine releases a list of district leaders’ Top 100 K-12 favorite products. The nation’s top K-12 leaders submit hundreds of enthusiastic testimonials throughout the year, and the magazine’s editorial board carefully narrows down the list based on the quantity and quality of these testimonies. In 2014, DA received more than 2,400 unique nominations – a record-breaking number!

The use of technology in school districts has experienced tremendous growth in all areas – from access control to audio-visual tools, from learning management and assessment platforms to instructional solutions. In addition, the number of players within each one of these categories has grown significantly through the years.

Knovation’s flagship solution, netTrekker, is on DA’s Top 100 list –a big accomplishment, given the number of solutions present in the K-12 market, but an even bigger achievement considering that netTrekker has been serving K-12 teachers and students for over 15 years. It almost sounds like an oxymoron that an “old” solution would still be so relevant and meaningful in an industry where new, shiny solutions are launched every week.

Long before Open Educational Resources (OER) were a popular concept in K-12, Knovation had already realized the importance of curating and contextualizing high-quality digital resources so teachers could personalize instruction in an effective and efficient way. Early on, we understood that learning could be taken to deeper levels by providing teachers and students with quick and easy access to resources in different formats, in different levels, supporting different learning goals and needs.

Year after year, netTrekker has delivered those curated, contextualized, standards-aligned resources to help districts impact teaching and learning in ways that have continued to evolve and still meet today’s classroom needs.

netTrekker delivers the industry-leading library of Open Educational Resources (OER), including more than 360,000 digital resources that are curated, contextualized, tagged and standards-aligned to support personalized learning. Being part of the DA Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products Award further demonstrates that the benefits delivered by netTrekker remain current and relevant, as recognized and highly valued by administrators and educators.

We look forward to being part of DA’s Top 100 Product list again next year!

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