Expanding the Use of Lexile Text Measures in our Digital Learning Content Collection

Lexile-Logo Lexile® Framework for Reading, developed by MetaMetrics®

We are pleased to to announce that the number of Lexile measures offered for titles in our digital content collection has increased dramatically. Now, over 150,000 resources within Knovation’s digital content collection will feature Lexile measures, making it even easier for teachers to effectively personalize instruction.

“With the expanded use of Lexile measures, Knovation can now provide teachers with the information they need to better personalize their daily instruction and tailor digital content to the unique reading skills and level of every student”, said Alan Whisman, M.Ed., Director of Content and Curriculum Services for Knovation.

The Lexile Framework is a scientific approach for measuring reading ability and the text complexity of reading materials. Lexile measures are assigned using a linguistic algorithm and help teachers, librarians and parents find books, articles and other resources that challenge the individual’s reading ability while still maintaining interest and supporting learning.

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