February 2013: Finding the Famous Fast in netTrekker

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Finding the Famous Fast in netTrekker Search

This month we take a special look at famous people, with a focus on Presidents. Presidents Day is February 18th and it’s a great time to look at contributions from these famous politicians and others. Use the Famous People tool with your students to discover those who are famous – by name, by occupation, and by many other characteristics. Create lists of people who are famous for those selected characteristics OR explore famous people in the context of a timeline.

Famous by Name

With netTrekker Search’s Famous Person Search, you can quickly and easily locate information about well-known people, including political leaders, athletes, scientists, artists, writers, and more. The Famous Person Search is one of the options accessible using the Search function. These options (Web, Image, Famous Person, and, for teachers and admins, Standards) are available both from the home page and from any Search Result page throughout netTrekker Search.


Searching famous people for the name George


Famous by Time Period

Have you used the netTrekker Search Timeline tool? Did you know the fifth area of the timeline is devoted to Famous People? The results in this area indicate the famous people who were/are alive during a particular time period. First, click on Browse on your home page. Next, choose the Tools button and choose Timeline. If you want to see more famous people for that time period, expand that section by clicking the plus sign on the section header for Famous People.


Famous by Any Characteristic

Using netTrekker Search’s Famous Person tool, you can create a famous person list based on your own criteria. First, click on Browse on your home page. Next, choose the Tools button and choose Famous Person. You can use any or all of the criteria types to create your list – this can be really useful if you want a list, for example, of 19th century American political figures.


If you are looking for famous people, find them fast using one of these fast techniques in netTrekker Search today!

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