February 2015: Celebrate Presidents’ Day with Your Students

Presidents’ Day Resources

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The President of the United States has one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Has it always been that way? Did Washington and Lincoln experience difficult challenges during their time in office also?

There are many opportunities to use netTrekker’s resources to help your students understand the reasons why we honor Abraham Lincoln and George Washington on President’s Day each February. Students can also use netTrekker’s resources to learn important information about the Office of the President and the many duties of the men who have served in this role.

Elementary – Explore the Life of the President

Scholastic Magazine - What does the President Do?
Listen and Read: What Does the President Do?
  • Young Abraham Lincoln – Have your students discover what Abraham Lincoln’s early life was like in a resource from the National Park Service. Students learn about young Lincoln growing up, including how much he loved animals and the “blab school” that he attended.
  • What Does the President Do? – Do your students understand what the president does? Young students can listen and read as they learn what is involved in the job of the President of the United States. They can follow the president as he signs laws, meets with foreign leaders, and leads the armed forces.
  • Young George Washington’s Adventures – Students can experience the travels of 21-year-old George Washington as he delivers an important message to the French in 1753. Students choose the supplies and the people he takes on the journey, and travel with Washington as he encounters Native Americans, meets the French, and makes his dangerous journey home.

Middle – Historical Fiction, Interactive Timelines and Engaging Games

Discover George Washington
Discover George Washington
  • Historical Fiction: His First Dollar – This one-page historical fiction piece about Abraham Lincoln is a reading passage entitled “His First Dollar” and is used to develop comprehensive reading skills. The reading includes constructed-response questions that students should answer with text-based evidence.
  • Discover George Washington – Encourage your students to discover the real George Washington by viewing this interactive timeline. Highlights include animated videos about his life, battle maps, and memories from his wife, Martha.
  • President for a Day – Do you or your students have what it takes to be president? With this fun interactive game, students can become president for a day and learn about the various daily activities of past presidents as they fill in their own day planner.


High – Bring the Presidents to Life with Primary Sources

A word fitly spokenInteractive Timeline: A Word Fitly Spoken
  • A Word Fitly Spoken – Through the resource titled A Word Fitly Spoken, students experience an interactive timeline of Abraham Lincoln’s most famous speeches on the Union, including his First Inaugural Address, Second Inaugural Address, and Gettysburg Address.
  • A letter from George Washington Students will encounter an actual letter from George Washington in this Smithsonian resource. The letter reveals Washington’s active involvement in shaping the nation during the period after the Revolutionary War.
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Crossroads – Detailed information about Lincoln’s life and political career is included in this interactive game from the National Constitution Center. Students learn about decisions Lincoln had to make by playing the game titled Abraham Lincoln’s Crossroads.
  • Executive Office of the President -Students can explore the site of the Executive Office of the President, discover the links to the many departments and people that are part of this Office, and who serve to advise the president, to enact his directives, and to communicate his message to the American public.

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