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icurio Customer in Mississippi Uses Blended Learning to Create Personalized Learning for Every Student

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We had the pleasure to facilitate an interview with the Superintendent of Corinth School District in Mississippi, Lee Chlidress, by Scholastic Administrator.

Lee shared the steps adopted by Corinth to launch their “eMerge: Learning for the Future” initiative, to coincide with rolling out a 1:1 initiative. Personalized, blended learning is at the heart of eMerge, though the strategic plan also involves a strong literacy component, early learning collaboration, and additional curriculum enhancements. The district’s ultimate goal is to create an engaging learning system that empowers students to both exceed academic standards in the short term and thrive in a global society in the long term.

eMerge was the byproduct of a yearlong process of planning and discussion among administrators, teachers, students, and parents, and the comprehensive plan was unveiled in January of 2015.

With the groundwork in place, Corinth focused on finding the best digital content and instructional tools for their students, prioritizing content that aligns with state and Common Core standards, offers personalized, real-time feedback through data, and is vetted by educators. After reviewing numerous digital content solutions, the district selected icurio because it packages all of Corinth’s priorities into a single, easy-to-use platform and crafts meaningful curricula. The high level of professional learning services provided by Knovation to guide teachers through the implementation of blended learning was also an important factor in the decision.

We are thrilled to partner with Corinth in the implementation of its successful 1:1 program, ensuring every student in the district will have his/her learning needs met!

Read the full Scholastic Administrator article.

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