Going Digital: Wake County’s netTrekker Experience

Shifting from Print to Digital Resources


As districts shift from print-based to digital learning resources, they are looking for educational content that is relevant and appropriate for students and pre-vetted to save teachers time. With the rise of 1:1 and BYOD initiatives, there’s an increasing need for high-quality content that students can access on any device.

Marlo Gaddis, Director of Instructional Technology and Library Media Services at Wake County Public School System in North Carolina, was looking for an online solution that provided vetted digital resources and literacy support while being accessible to students at home. Since Wake County had few digital resources for its K-8 classrooms across 137 elementary and middle schools, they needed content to help teachers with lessons and personalized learning.

In her interview, Marlo discusses how her district is using Knovation’s resources as they shift to digital.  She explains, “In our district, we were very textbook-driven. Where we’re trying to go is in line with the state of North Carolina; we’re trying to go digital by 2017.”

Saving Teachers Time

In today’s world, teachers are extremely busy. Knovation helps them save time with vetted, high quality content that supports personalized learning better than other resources on the market. netTrekker personalizes learning by allowing teachers to quickly identify resources according to the needs of their students (readability levels, language needs, specific types of resource, etc.)

Impacting Students

Wake County values netTrekker because it’s safe and allows students and teachers to find useful content quickly, as opposed to sifting through long lists of content that aren’t relevant.  This process ultimately gives students the opportunity to take an idea and turn it into a meaningful project.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Since teachers are so busy, districts need to find ways to help teachers work smarter, not harder. With netTrekker, teachers can immediately find the resources they need to use for instruction.


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