January 2013: A Cross-Curricular Slice of History with netTrekker

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Learning from history and past events happens most effectively if you can step back and look at the larger picture – at all the different people, places and things associated with a certain period of time. How do you look at a slice of time across many different subjects and topics? Take a moment and check out the netTrekker Search timeline tool. You’ll find that looking at the big picture has never been easier or more dynamic for you and your learners.

Find Content Through the Timeline

Find content that is associated with dates under Browse > Tools > Timeline. Timeline content is organized by categories: events, famous people, innovations/discoveries and the arts. What can you learn from this timeline tool?


Build a Custom Timeline

Use the year fields to build a custom timeline for a specific period, including the personal lifetime of a student or yourself.


Use the Topic Based Timelines

netTrekker Search offers several pre-defined timelines from a variety of disciplines with content appropriate for each grade level. U.S. History is a favorite from our Middle School section.


Read the Timeline

Give your learners context and perspective on the impact and duration of major events by examining the visual representation of the event on the timeline. Is the bar representing the Civil War short or long? What does that tell us about the duration and impact of that event? Also, check out the links to related resources by clicking on the event title or focus only on the timeline for that one event by clicking its associated timeline icon ( image4 ).

Expand and Add Layers to the Timeline

Use the +/- to open and expand the different sections to show more information or collapse to show less. For example, you may not be interested in Arts for the U.S. History timeline, so collapse that section, but you might want to expand the Events section to see all the U.S. History time period’s available events. image5 Think about adding layers to the timeline to increase the scope of information and allow for higher level thinking about the comparisons between the layers of information. Try adding World History as a layer to the U.S. History timeline. By using the legend developed as each layer is added, learners can compare and contrast events or famous people from the two different contexts. Drill down into a famous person’s timeline to investigate the details of that person’s life span.


Save Your Timeline

Saving a customized timeline to My Portfolio is easy – simply look for the Save button to show up on the top right corner of any timeline you have generated.

Find out more about the Timeline tool and all you can do with it.

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