January 2013: Learning Content to Start the Year Off Right

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Learning Content to Start the Year Off Right

New year, new instructional approaches – now is a great time to discover and use new content to help your 6-12 grade learners stay on track or get on track for the remainder of the school year. Using SAS® Curriculum Pathways® from icurio is a great place to start. Educators can access customizable, high-quality, interactive content tailored to student’s learning styles. With over 200 interactive tools, inquiries, web lessons and audio tutorials, educators are sure to find a variety of instructional strategies in SAS® Curriculum Pathways® to target higher-order, critical thinking skills and active learning.

About SAS Curriculum Pathways Content

  • Web-based curriculum resources in all the core disciplines – simply perform your topic discovery and personalize for the SAS collection using the SHOW & PERSONALIZE tools on the left in icurio.
  • Customizable, high-quality, interactive content to incorporate into lesson plans – check out all the interactive resources in the SAS collection by entering SAS as your discovery term and NARROW by interactive content in the SHOW & PERSONALIZE tools on the left in icurio.screen1
  • Include a variety of instructional strategies tailored to each student’s learning style – the SAS resources range from interactive guides to reading complex nonfiction texts more effectively to digital lessons and units with complete lesson directions and subject specific tools like the interactive atlas.


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