January 2015: Help Every Student Prepare for Spring Assessments

Targeted Resources and Support Tools to Help EVERY Student Succeed

Welcome to January! With the excitement of a new calendar year comes carefully planned preparation for the 2015 testing season. Many of us at Knovation are former educators, and we understand the challenges of implementing test preparation strategies based on your students’ individual needs within your daily lessons. To save time and ease your lesson planning frustration, use icurio’s refinement options and built-in literacy support tools to easily target resources to the areas where your students need the most help—reducing the stress of test preparation for everyone!

Use these tips to find the right resources to meet each student’s learning needs!

Narrow Results to Target Resources

icurio gives you the ability to personalize your web content by narrowing your results to find specific types of content. The Show and Personalize menu on the left side of your icurio content results page gives you choices to narrow your results by choosing any of the available options. Do you need learning games to give your students extra practice with fractions? What about a video in Spanish to help your ELL student understand the concepts?

The Narrow Results options make it easy to find the exact resources you need to meet the wide range of learning needs in your classroom.

Provide Literacy Support Tools

Support all students in increasing comprehension and building vocabulary with icurio’s Read Aloud and Dictionary/Translation functions. Students can access resources at their reading level or be challenged by higher complexity levels–an especially important feature for struggling readers, English language learners and students in need of intervention.

  • Read Aloud – Provides text-to-speech functions for all information on icurio pages, for text on web resources accessed from any Content Result, and for definitions accessed by using the Dictionary/Translation key. Simply highlight a passage of text using a mouse to hear the text read aloud through their computer speakers.
  • Dictionary/Translation – Simply click on a word on any web resource to read the definition or translate the word into other languages.

Save Resources in My Content for Specific Groups of Students

Do you have individual students or groups of students who need extra practice in particular areas as they are preparing for upcoming tests? You can easily create folders in My Content where you can save and organize extra practice resources for those students to use at school or home.

Explore the icurio Help section on My Content for more details about saving, organizing and sharing resources with students.

As test time approaches, help your students feel extra-prepared and confident with help from the hundreds of resources icurio offers on test preparation. Try a simple keyword search for test preparation.

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