Knovation Hosts 2nd Annual Student Lab Day and Teacher Focus Groups at Corporate Offices!

Marci Campbell
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While schools were out over the summer our Product Solutions Team was busy conducting focus groups and workshops with teachers and students from the local area. Our research-based innovation process is used to identify and understand challenges districts and students face so that we can innovate and continue to enhance our digital solutions to can make a real difference in the classroom.

Knovation 2nd Annual Student Lab Day

We invited 40 local students in grades 4-12 from various school districts to participate in our 2nd annual Student Lab Day. The Knovation Student Lab Day was established to understand the world through students’ eyes, words and actions. Student groups participated in several sessions and learned to design a school dash board and also participated in a simulated classroom where the product solutions teams observed students using the existing product interface. The information gathered helped validate the value we are delivering though our solutions and helped us better understand what we must deliver to meet students’ learning goals. The students enjoyed being a part of our focus group. “I’m definitely doing this next year!” stated one student. Another student stated, “I liked testing a program that you don’t have to use paper; we should use this in school.” Marci Campbell, Vice President of Solutions Management commented on the Student Lab Day, “I think it’s important to provide students with as many access points as possible for learning—creating online lessons are one way to engage students who are technologically focused/motivated. Additionally, so many colleges are using a blended learning model, it’s just good practice to expose students to online learning.”

Knovation Teacher Focus Groups

Knovation’s mission statement, “Igniting the hope of knowing by reducing the barriers to learning” begins by understanding the challenges that students, teachers, administration and parents face. To do this we get out of the office into the schools and bring educators into the office to discuss, develop solutions and validate the delivered value. Over the past years we have been honored to meet with many educators during specifically designed focus groups to better understand needs around RTI, SPED, ELL, digital content, digital curriculum, online lesson development and more. This past summer, we brought in teachers to share thoughts on how Knovation can innovate to create a solution to support the shift to blending learning. The goals of this focus group were to gain an understanding of where each teacher is on the spectrum of classroom shift to blended learning, observe how teachers develop online lessons, and gain insight into the challenges they are facing to deliver, manage and monitor online learning. These valuable insights will provide data for Knovation to understand what capabilities should be on the roadmap for future product development.

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