Knovation Newsletter: Back to School – Using OER to Reach All Students


Returning to a new school year is an exciting time for teachers. The new academic year is a fresh start for many educators and this includes both the joy of being back in the classroom and the new challenges to master. One of the challenges is finding the way through a new curriculum to support instruction and, in many cases, a digital learning focus in technology-rich classrooms. This can be an overwhelming task, but with access to the Knovation collection of educator-curated digital resources—via netTrekker or icurio—this challenge becomes a creative adventure.

Knovation’s Open Education Resources (OER) collection provide teachers with many unique learning opportunities that foster differentiation with a variety of resources on a particular topic, giving students choices and appealing to a wide range of learning styles.

One of these opportunities is the easy access to primary and secondary sources, which gives students a better understanding of historical perspectives and promotes literacy within the social studies subject area.

“My students could easily research primary and secondary sources to develop their claim and find supporting evidence when writing an argumentative paper on the justification of child labor. They found excellent resources such as Child Labor in America: 1908 – 1912: Investigative Photos of Lewis Hine , The Victorian Web: Child Labor, and International Labor Office: Child Labor (Video). I know that the OER collection from Knovation will provide quality, credible, and relevant resources every time! This way, my students will spend less time searching for good resources and will spend more time analyzing the information to develop arguments for their paper. “

8th Grade Social studies teacher


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