Knovation Newsletter – December 2015

Integrating Current Events in Daily Instruction

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One of the skills necessary to prepare students for college and career focuses on reading complex text outside of literature. Providing opportunities to read and discuss current events is an excellent example of this instructional strategy. When teachers incorporate current events into their lesson plans, it allow students to practice reading informational writing, gain knowledge of events going on in their country and the world, practice written and oral summarization, and gain oral presentation skills. Additionally, according to the article by Gary Hopkins, Why Teach Current Events , (06/02/2010) Education World, incorporating current events:

  • Provides coverage and connection to all areas of the curriculum
  • Builds language, vocabulary, reading comprehension, critical thinking, problem solving, oral expression, and listening skills
  • Develops informed citizens and lifelong newsreaders.
  • Provides a “writing model”
  • Helps teachers teach media literacy skills
  • Can open up communications between students and parents.
  • Offers ideal opportunities for cooperative-group instruction

Each week the Knovation curriculum team publishes current events from a variety of sources at the beginning of the week. Some examples include:

Youngzine: Written with the interests and reading ability for younger students, each article provides both text and a video about the subject. The monitored comment area allows young students to write their opinions.

Dogonews: Engaging and informative articles aligned to curriculum areas and Common Core State Standards.

BBC Newsround: Provides current events on current topics with additional recommendations.

NPR Break News: Covers domestic, international and science current events.

Support your students in developing important skills as they get up-to-date on current news!

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