Knovation Newsletter – November 2015

Beat Them at Their Own Game!


A goal for most educators is to create a lesson that engages students – an engaged learner is one who is actively involved in the lesson and, consequently, will develop a deeper understanding of the concepts taught.

There is a great platform that allows for this to happen: digital games.  A first response from some teachers may be to shy away from using games in the classroom, but it’s important to know that educational games are purposefully designed to keep the student involved and to increase their learning of the content. The students who are in desks today are digital natives and typically not intimidated by quality educational games – they want to play and, of course, win.

Playing and learning in the classroom is made easier with a broad selection of quality, teacher- approved digital learning games from the Knovation content collection.  It does not matter if your students are elementary, middle or high school; you can find games that would fit their diverse learning needs and interests! A few examples:

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