March 2014: Poetry in Motion: Reconstructing Poetry to Engage Learners


April is National Poetry Month! Poetry can be a challenge for all learners, especially struggling readers, but icurio provides you access to rich imagery
and ideas that can inspire learners to develop literacy skills.

How can icurio help you create new meaning and different forms of engagement for learners through the use of poetry? icurio offers powerful collections and
literacy support tools that allow you to reinvent and reconstruct poetry for all learners …

  • Give learners support for the basic building blocks of poetry
  • Incorporate poetry into all subject areas
  • Reformat text to engage all types of learners
  • Help learners look at poetry through the lens of images
  • Use poetry in unexpected areas to increase student interest
  • Construct poetry in social and collaborative ways


We have created some reconstruction plans based on what students say about poetry – how will you reconstruct your approach to poetry for your learners?


Student: “I don’t know these words, they’re weird.”

Reconstruction Plan:
Give learners support for the basic building blocks of poetry, especially individual words and the context of the poem.

Dictionary and Translation Tool


Poetry Splatter

(Pick words to finish and construct poems)


Student: “I am so tired of math worksheets.”

Reconstruction Plan:
Incorporate poetry into all subject areas to make literacy skills connections and increase the variety of instruction.

Cross-Curricular Searching


Fibonacci Poetry

(Use number sequence to compose poems of the same number of syllables in the set)


Student: “I don’t get it – I can’t understand this stuff.”

Reconstruction Plan:
Reformat the text in poetry to overcome comprehension challenges.

Read Aloud Tool

Poetry Visualization
(Draw what you hear from the poem)


Student: “Poetry is just a bunch of random words.”

Reconstruction Plan:
Give visual learners the ability to look at poetry through the lens of images, to increase comprehension and success in writing poetry.

Image Search


Diamante Poem

(Write poetry around different shapes)


Student: “Learning about the rock cycle is soooo boring.”

Reconstruction Plan:
Use poetry to increase the students’ interest in learning in new ways.

Keyword Search + Refining by English Language Arts


Poetics of Hip Hop


Ricky the Rapping Rock Cycle

(Learn Science through rap music)


Student: “Why do I need to write poetry – it’s not like anyone is going to see it.”

Reconstruction Plan:
Have learners construct poetry in social and collaborative ways.

My Content Folders to share poem ideas and information


Dream Flag Project

(One poem, plus another, plus another – constructing and collaborating a poem)

Review the Basics in icurio

In case you are curious about how icurio works and would like a refresher, you can watch the tutorial video, quickly find Content and activities to review
the basics.

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