May 2014: License 2 Learn Over the Summer

Increase your impact as an educator and gain even more value from your netTrekker subscription by creating engaging and fun learning opportunities for your students and families over the summer! How can netTrekker help?

  • Remediation
  • Enrichment
  • Professional Learning


Simply delivering instruction and hoping all learners master the concepts doesn’t make the grade. You can organize netTrekker’s fresh, engaging content into your own personal folders with netTrekker’s My Portfolio feature. Combine this with your favorite instructional strategies to help all learners succeed! Use My Portfolio to…

  • Collect learning games to close the gaps where your learners have skill deficits. Use your students love of game-based learning to motivate them to build their skills in needed areas.
  • How? Check out My Portfolio Overview for ideas about how to collect and share resources.Check out the Refine Search function to target learning games within your search results.
  • Use the Read Aloud and Dictionary Tools to increase comprehension with material at homeHow? Show students how to use the Text to Speech and dictionary/Translation Tools so they can help themselves with challenging material.
  • Share videos with students so they can view them at home with their parents to build everyone’s understanding of your instructional approaches.How? Use the Refine Search function to target videos within your search results


Helping all learners succeed includes providing additional learning opportunities for students that have already mastered the group’s learning objectives. These additional enrichment activities can transform a bored student into an engaged one. Use the folder structure in netTrekker’s My Portfolio to organize the resources to help students continue to learn throughout the summer months. Use My Portfolio to….

  • Deliver specific learning resources to students that are of high interest to them without disrupting the instructional pace. Leverage their off-time and need for something to do in the summer to keep learning fresh and relevant.How? Check out My Portfolio Overview and Creating a Class, and be sure to utilize the resource & folder description areas for your creative ideas around the resources you find. Check out this great example of an enrichment unit from a teacher’s trip to Egypt, which is located in our Global Portfolio.
  • Use interactive resources (audio, videos and learning games) to motivate students to extend their efforts around concepts that interest them.How? Check out the Refine Search function to target specific types of resources within your search results.
  • Check out some different ways to view people and events with the netTrekkerTimeline and Famous Person tool. This will give learners a different way to connect concepts they’ve learned to build new meanings.How? Give students predefined timelines like the U.S. History example or have them build their own timeline as material for writing historical fiction stories.

Professional Learning

Are you responsible for providing additional learning opportunities to educators in your school or districts? Are you looking for different ways to collaborate with colleagues about instructional strategies or ideas to make the next school year even better? Use our fantastic Teacher Resources to get ideals for professional learning opportunities, and organize your resources in folders using My Portfolio. Use My Portfolio to….

  • Focus on a new instructional strategy with colleagues by sharing resources around those strategies, along with your ideas.How? Check out the Teacher Tools area for resources that are geared toward educators check out My Portfolio Overview for ideas on how to organize and share resources.
  • Use educator collections like the Teaching Channel to show ideas and instructional approaches in actionHow? Find resources in this collection by typing in “Teaching Channel” as a keyword. Other examples of educator collections arePBS Teacher Resources and Teach Engineering.

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