National Digital Content & Curriculum Survey Findings

Summary of Results and Implications for School Districts Released

As districts are shifting from traditional textbooks to digital content to provide more relevant and more personalized learning experiences for their students, they are faced with revising their resource selection process. No longer can they look to a single publisher or content provider to deliver the wide range of instructional materials they need to address college- and career-ready standards and support their individual students’ learning needs.

To understand which attributes of a K-12 digital curriculum strategy are most important to educators and administrators as they embark upon the process of acquiring new digital content, Knovation conducted a National Digital Content & Curriculum survey this spring. The summary of results and key implications for school districts were announced in a press release today.

Key Areas of Digital Curriculum Strategy Addressed

The report reveals what is most important to educators across the U.S. as they implement their digital curriculum strategy and how school districts can leverage that information, in the following areas:

  • Selecting digital resources to purchase
  • Ensuring quality and rigor of digital resources
  • Organizing learning resources and aligning them to district curriculum
  • Prioritizing learning object attributes

Download the summary of results to read the key implications for school districts.

What other attributes are critical for you to consider as you plan your digital curriculum strategy and select digital content for your district?

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