netTrekker Announces New Support Site and Application Updates – December 2017

Knovation is pleased to announce the launch of its new netTrekker Support site and certain other updates to the netTrekker application. Notes for the December 2017 release are listed below.

New netTrekker Support Site

netTrekker has a new and improved support site:┬áThis site provides a wealth of information to assist users in effective use of netTrekker. Users benefit from the support site’s easy and intuitive interface, and the site’s main search bar uses type ahead to quickly find answers to questions.

Web Search: Keyword Search Type Ahead

To support effective keyword search for learning resources, the type ahead feature has been added to the netTrekker web application search bar. When a user clicks on the “Web”, “Image” or “Famous Person” radio button and starts typing a keyword in the search bar, suggestions are displayed that match the entered characters. Clicking on a keyword or key phrase suggestion and then clicking the “Search” button opens a search results page for that keyword or key phrase.

Publisher Search Refinement

Many netTrekker users are interested in refining their search results by a specific publisher (like Khan Academy or CK-12). To enable this refinement, “Collections” have been updated in the netTrekker web application to “Publisher” in the “Refine Search” panel where a user can select one or more publisher names and click the “Refine” button. Refinement by publisher is also available in the “More Search Options” panel where a user can enter the publisher name in the publisher field and click search. In “More Search Options”, the user also benefits from type ahead for the publisher field.