November 2012: Learning in All Languages… Content and Tools for the Diversity at Your Table

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Learning In All Languages…Content and Tools for the Diversity at Your Table

The ELL population continues to grow with some reports estimating that the ELL population has increased to 65% in some schools districts. This diversity means that many students must master a new language, understand a different culture and find ways to tackle grade level content. Teachers must draw on new instructional strategies and methods to support their ELL students. Here are all the helpful ways you can use icurio to find digital content and tools to address the needs of students speaking a wide variety of languages at your learning table.

*Check out a complete overview video at for more information about icurio.

  • Give learners the opportunity to listen to content using the Read Aloud text to speech function to support and increase comprehension. ( see how this is done )
  • Deliver digital content that drives skill building around reading, writing and communicating in English with the Skill Development area for English Language Learners in Teacher Resources and in the Subject Navigator. ( see how this is done )
  • Access a wealth of resources through the Mulitcultural Pavillion section for English Language Learners in Teacher Resources and in the Subject Navigator to address cultural differences and increase multicultural acceptance. ( see how this is done )
  • Identify resources at an appropriate reading level for ELL students by utilizing the Readability score personalization filter. ( see how this is done )
  • Keep learning moving by providing a translation tool for individual words in context of the content. ( see how this is done )
  • Improve topic comprehension by using readily available digital content in their native language via the language personalization filter. ( see how this is done )

Digital content and tools are also beneficial to support family literacy or support group literacy for ELL/ESL/ESOL learners – increased literacy and learning in the community surrounding a learner dramatically increases student achievement.

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