November 2013: Sharing in the Harvest of Resources

November is a time to stop and enjoy the harvest, and in netTrekker, we have a cornucopia of resources, curated by our content experts. These experts create and manage collections that will open your eyes, organized by curriculum topics, themes, or content providers. These curated collections are constantly groomed and expanded – always ready to be reaped by educators and learners.

How Does the netTrekker Content Team Help You Fill Your Table with Resources?

Collections based on curriculum subject areas

netTrekker’s Browse tab now gives you a carousel of subject areas to explore – allowing you to hone in on the collection most relevant to your curriculum.

Each content area is rich with curated content – including a wealth of subtopics relevant to that area, featured content in that level (selection of highlighted resources for the topic/subtopic you have navigated to) and resources about famous people relevant to that content area.

Amazing Social Studies Collections You Can Check out Right NOW in netTrekker …

Collections based on cross-curricular themes

netTrekker’s Browse tab also gives you a carousel of themes to explore – including a collection of popular Elementary Themes.

Amazing Elementary Theme Collections You Can Check out Right NOW in netTrekker …

Collections based on content providers

As any good curator knows, you also have some content collections that are more interesting and inspiring to you than others – as such, our content team has managed to build in ways for you to get quickly to those content collections that you have identified and want to target.

While in the Search tab, enter a topic or keyword into the Search box.

Then click on Refine Search as you’re viewing your search results.

You will see the collections of Featured Content that are included in your search results at the bottom right-hand corner of the box that appears. Place a checkmark next to as many of the featured content collections as you like, and then click Refine. You will receive a set of content results that includes only the featured content collections you selected.

On the netTrekker home page, you can click on the Featured tab to view collections your school has added to your netTrekker subscription from different content providers (such as BrainPOP and Defined STEM). You will also see any free content available from these premium providers listed if your school hasn’t added the collections to your subscription.

If you like a specific collection of featured content, you can simply type in that content provider’s name as the keyword in your search (e.g. Teaching Channel) to access all of the resources our content team has collected from that specific content provider.

Amazing Elementary Content Provider Collections You Can Check out Right NOW in netTrekker …

Give a Few of These Ideas a Try and Share More with Everyone

At Knovation, we are inspired by all the creative ways educators make their marks, and we are honored to know that we can help you do that with great digital resources. Thank you for everything you do!

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