October 2012: Design for the Core… Retooling Your Curriculum with Dynamic Content and Tools

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For many educators the time has come to redesign their instruction to address the new Common Core State Standards. With icurio, dynamic content and powerful learning supports are at your command as you retool existing instructional strategies or discover new ones to address more rigorous standards. Take advantage of the digital content our curriculum team has aligned to CCSS objectives (and your state standards, too) based on both language and intent.


Finding content to address all your objectives starts with the very first search term, and icurio offers multiple paths to match your style and support your instructional needs.

  • From the Discover or home tab, enter your search term and discover standards in the right side of the comprehensive content results ( see how this is done )
  • From the Standards tab, select your state standards or Common Core State Standards and do a keyword search, or drill down to a specific area within the set to search in context ( see how this is done )
  • From your Standards results page, you can also switch between your state and Common Core State Standards to automatically re-search for the same keyword and grade level ( see how this is done )

    *Remember to log in to icurio to access the resources highlighted below. Check out a complete icurio overview video at http://vimeo.com/49181871 .

Focus your efforts to move your existing lessons and instructional design to reflect the new levels of rigor and diversity of high impact standards…

CONTENT AREA FOCUS: Using more content across more curriculum areas

Any comprehensive results page from any search term will let you look at learning content across multiple curriculum lenses.

show and personalize

Check out this great list of starter ideas and resources that work well in cross curricular instruction in elementary grade levels.

CONTENT TYPE FOCUS: Using multiple formats and content characteristics to increase learning opportunities

Another way to look at any of your learning content results or even your comprehensive content results is by content types.

Check out all the different ways to refine your results.

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