October 2013: Collaboration + Common Commitment = Connections

October is Connected Educator Month … so what is the big deal behind being connected?

Educators who participated in the Connected Educator Month activities last year benefited both personally and professionally by connecting with other educators and collaborating around a shared purpose. The word connected also implies a connection through technology, and the digital learning community can take many forms and leverage many different learning approaches. With the myriad ways to connect, it’s best to start simple.

You can learn more about how you can connect using the tools and technology that are already in place in your school or district.Think about your own “local” professional learning community that already exists (i.e. teachers at your school, across the district and your teacher friends from other districts) and go from there.

How can netTrekker help you make connections around learning?

  • Connect with a student, parent or another educator in your school or district through My PortfolionetTrekker’s My Portfolio gives educators the ability to share learning resources with specific students or with other educators in their school or district. Resources shared at the school level can benefit any user (student or teacher) within that specific school. Resources shared at the district level can have a huge impact for any user (student or teacher) at any school throughout the district.

    Connections that are happening NOW through the use of My Portfolio in netTrekker …

    At the school level

    – A fourth grade classroom teacher is connecting with teacher aides for specific

    students in her class to provide relevant learning modality focused resources for them.

    – A high school science teacher is connecting with parents by sharing resources

    that allow parents to talk to their children about troublesome topics

    (like the effects of using steroids over time).

    At the district level

    – A district Language Arts Curriculum Specialist is connecting with Language Arts

    teachers at all schools to share resources that provide higher levels of text complexity

    and focus on vocabulary building.

    – A district Dual-language Specialist is connecting with campus media centers by

    providing them resources that help the specialists support instruction in multiple

    languages across multiple topic areas

  • Connect by becoming a netTrekker Navigator and joining a community of educators across the country to gain valuable professional learning opportunities for you and your district.
    In an environment where digital learning is becoming more prominent in the classroom, educators often benefit from the support of others to help blend these digital opportunities into their traditional instructional paths. One community of educators that is committed to helping others in this manner is the netTrekker Navigator group. Supporting learning in districts across the country, netTrekker Navigators connect within their own districts, as well as with educators in other districts to enhance professional learning and develop and share best practices for transforming learning in their classrooms.
  • Connect with Know New Ideas, a larger educator community that focuses on new ideas related to teaching and learningAt Knovation, we are dedicated to the community of educators we serve and the learners they impact! We are helping them connect in meaningful ways to advance teaching and learning. With more than 2,700 members, Know New Ideas is a place where educator-only connections, discussions, events, and learning cohorts are focused on improving our schools and helping our learners stay in the game. This community is only a click away in the My Menu area of your netTrekker subscription.

Give a few of these ideas a try and share more with everyone below.

At Knovation, we are inspired by all the creative ways educators make their marks, and we are honored to know that we can help you do that with great digital resources. Thank you for everything you do!

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