October 2013: Connected Leadership

Use icurio to Connect and Lead with Powerful Content and Curriculum Building Tools

“Teachers who are thinking outside of their classrooms, teachers who take risks inside their classrooms, teachers who aren’t afraid to say they don’t know something, or who aren’t afraid to show what they do know … we loo for those teachers, and we plan around how to develop their skills further so they can lead their colleagues in refining practice and collaborating more effectively.” (Elena Aguilar, Transformational Leadership Coach, Oakland, California. Becoming a Teacher Leader, Edutopia.com)

When you are connecting, collaborating and leading, whether in a single classroom or at the district level, you need powerful resources and tools to support you and help you save time. icurio provides content that will directly impact your learning landscape and allow you to be a leader in the following ways.

Lead professional development or coaching efforts with content that is developed and delivered via the My Content folder (at the school or district level).

A school leader uses My Content to prepare for a staff meeting:

“Teachers, students and parents in our school were struggling with the new challenges posed by liabilities the new technology implementation was uncovering in terms of student safety and responsible use. I created a collection of resources from icurio around digital citizenship and moved it to the school level of My Content. During our staff meeting, we were able to accomplish one group activity around a resource and have content ready for small group discussions around specific issues we were seeing. It was a very efficient way for me to lead the direction of the meeting and get the group to look at ideas and potential solutions.”

Lead with content that will allow you to develop new instructional strategies and enable you to better meet the needs of your 21st Century learners.

On your discover tab page (or home page), click on the Teacher Resources button to view these collections: 21st Century Skills, English Learners, Teacher Tools and References.

When you are teaching a 21st century skill, you’ll want to make sure you are using 21st century content and approaches. Educators can easily find content that is relevant to their students within the Teacher Resources collection at each grade level. For example, the character education results at the Elementary level are much different than those at the High School level. You can click on the grade level tabs to toggle back and forth between results).

Lead by sharing your own content collections with fellow educators at your school or district.

District level expertise can often get locked into larger initiatives and not be accessible to classroom level educators. Your colleagues might have effective approaches to address challenging instructional objectives or unique ways to teach a topic that is less interesting. How can you leverage these valuable resources? You have the ability to curate collections in My Content, and you can add instructional advice you use in delivering the instruction or intended objectives. In this manner, you can take your approaches and translate them into a library of leadership. You can take the curriculum plans that have already been developed by your district’s curriculum leaders and share them with classroom educators. This would give all teachers in your district the opportunity to leverage and personalize the curriculum plan through the district level units in the My Content area.

Example of district level unit resource developed by curriculum specialists:

Check out the basics of how to curate in icurio, and start sharing your expertise today!

If you’re still curious how icurio works, review the basics with the video Quickly Find Content and Activities.

Read our success stories on how icurio is helping one district at a time.

“Please share an example of how you plan to implement any of the ideas in the discussion/comments area below. As we work together and share these stories, we as educators are embodying the true notion of Connected Educator Month!”

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