April 2014: Raising Reading Scores

Common Core State Standards & Impact on Literacy

Using netTrekker’s comprehension support tools, you can impact mastery in all subjects and increase the amount of information your learners can process through reading.
Raise scores and the love of reading!

Read Aloud – Text to Speech Functions

When you want to hear a piece of text, simply scroll across the text to highlight it. netTrekker’s Read Aloud feature will play the passage. There is no software to download, and no other user intervention is required. This feature is available for all information on netTrekker pages and for text on web resources accessed from any Search Result.

Read Aloud Benefits

  • Improve reading, predicting, writing, speaking and listening skills
  • Increase vocabulary when learners listen well above their reading level
  • Develop imagination, foster curiosity, and increase attention span
  • Engage students by leveraging a fun tool that works as a booster to literacy

Dictionary Hot Key – Definitions and Translations in World Languages

netTrekker partners with Ultralingua to provide feature-rich dictionaries that you can use to find definitions of a word that you do not understand. You can also choose to see words translated from English to a world language such as Spanish or German. You activate the dictionary from the frame above a website you have accessed from a Search Result, launching a dictionary-enabled version of the website. The Dictionary Hot Key turns every word on a dictionary-enabled site into a hot link. Clicking on the link pops open a small dictionary window that displays a definition of that word.

Dictionary Hot Key Benefits

  • Offer material in multiple languages
  • Remove barriers and stress of cross translation to aid comprehension
  • Allow learners to reduce lasting struggles and increase success with material in English

Readability – Difficulty Ratings for Reading Text

A readability score is a measure of the relative difficulty of reading written text. netTrekker measures websites for readability on a point scale of 1 to 5, where 1 corresponds to low reading difficulty and 5 corresponds to high reading level difficulty. netTrekker then displays a score for each website and even provides quick refinement options that allow you to click to websites that meet your desired readability level. To refine your results to display specific chosen readability levels, simply click on one or more of the active boxes in the readability menu in Refine Search. A given readability level will only appear if there are web resources within your search result from that readability level.

Readability Benefits

  • Gauge level of difficulty of information
  • Allow users to remove results that do not align with comfort level
  • Sort by difficulty to see complete range for a certain topic

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