September 2012: Get the Big Picture – Gather the Different Types of Content You Need from a Single Starting Point

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Looking for digital content can be a real challenge! So many questions to be answered. What standards do I need to cover? How do I know what grade the content is appropriate for? Are there images to bring visual connections to my instruction? Are there videos I can use as a hook for beginning a lesson? icurio can help. From the Discover page, one topic search can help you identify powerful learning resources, images, and standards targeted to a concept and provides multiple lenses with which to view content.

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Performing a search from the home page in icurio will bring back digital learning content for your topic. Learning content can be accessed via


  • Keyword search box
  • Subject Navigator
icurio content chart


In the left column of your content results page, you can easily switch between All Results, Learning Content, Images and Standards for teachers. If you focus on Learning Content only, you can:


  • See the entire set of learning content results
  • View and sort by readability, rating and recommendations
GTKicurio 1



The comprehensive content results page also displays up to four standards related to your keyword for your academic level. This area also provides links to additional standards with that keyword.

GTKicurio 2



icurio’s Image Search offers a quick and easy way to find images to use in lessons, presentations, and other assignments. You can access the first few images for your keyword from the comprehensive content results page. You then have three choices:


  • Save Image
  • View Image
  • View More Images
GTKicurio 3



You know best what your students need, so the next step is to personalize your content results using the refinement menus to the left of the content results. These menus make it possible for you to narrow your results by choosing any of the available options. Do you need quotations by a famous American, or perhaps a learning game for a mathematical concept? The Narrow Results menus make it easy to find content within your results that help you personalize instruction for your students.

GTKicurio 4

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