September 2013: Be Curios… Cultivate Exploration and Discovery Using icurio Digital Curriculum Content

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we’re curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Walt Disney

Be Curious…

Curiosity is a curious thing. The process of exploration, questioning and wondering are integral to the process of learning. We know that students need to be given opportunities to stay curious so they can actively explore and discover to build new understanding.

Developing and nurturing curiosity can have significant impact on driving learners to mastery, as a result of their discovery and exploration. Learning can be viewed as a cycle: achieving mastery in one area leads to new curiosity, discovery, exploration and repetition…which then leads to new mastery in another area.

Curiosity in Your Classroom

Is there a focus on curiosity in your classroom? Have you considered new way for your learners to discover new ideas that interest them or explore subjects they are passionate about? Learners at all levels can benefit from being consistently asked the question, “What do you want to know?” Check out the video below – you may hear things that your learners have been curious about, you may think about how you could help some of these learners find out what they want to know, you may chuckle a little at the endless amount of curiosity we see in kids. You may just find something you want to get curious about in your own classroom!

Student Voice from Knovation on Vimeo.

Cultivate Curiosity with icurio….

Cultivate exploration and discovery using the subject navigator to dive into the depth of content available. Check out some popular explorations and discoveries from our users, like current events and themes.

  • Curiosity within the curriculumDiscover the breadth and the depth of the subject areas and objectives you use in the classroom. Many educators who use icurio for the first time are amazed by the subject navigator – they find new content to explore for areas of their curriculum they had never considered. When you review content in the different curriculum collections, you will begin to see focus points across subjects, modalities and formats that you can investigate further.
  • Curiosity sparked by curated collections by peers
    Educators will be coming together next month for Connected Educator Month (CEM) to encourage connections and collaboration among educators. When collections of resources are curated by peers in your organization and shared within icurio, it creates endless opportunities to explore the approaches and ideas of others. Sharing resource collections helps educators understand the different ways of approaching a topic, and it allows them to easily discover topics that might otherwise intimidate them. Check out the basics of how to curate in icurio, and start sharing today!
  • Curiosity driven by authentic learning leading by real eventsThe current events options in icurio area a great focus for sparking curiosity. Learners have the opportunity to interact with content that highlights real eventsthat are happening in the world. This immediate relevance creates a certain sense of “realness” to what students are learning in the classroom, and that often excites further investigations and discoveries. Check out the current events area in icurio, which includes Breaking News, News Event Analysis, News by Topics, U.S. News (including by state and city), World News (by country) and Featured Articles that have been hand-selected by Knovation’s content curators.
  • Curiosity focused on the connections between past and presentHave you ever checked out a history exhibit at a museum? Wouldn’t it be fascinating to have the ability to further explore something in an exhibit that peaked your interest? What if there was a way to focus on an event, an invention, a famous person, a book or a song and dive into your area of interest to uncover more information? What if you could understand how these different pieces were related in a given time period? The timeline builder in icurio allows learners to uncover information based on exactly what sparks their curiosity. There are many facets of the timeline exploration in icurio that educators and learners are surprised to discover – learn more with this overview from our content team.

Review some of the basics of icurio….


icurio Tutorial – Quickly Find Content and Activities from Knovation on Vimeo.

Curious about trying a few of these ideas? Be sure to share your curiosity with everyone below.

At Knovation, we are inspired by the myriad of ways that educators spark curiosity and cultivate it within their students!

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