September 2013: Making Your Mark This Year

Increase your impact – every teacher yearns to make a bigger impact each year. It’s in our nature as educators to reach far beyond our classrooms to impact communities and improve the overall quality of education.

How can we make that happen? What creative things can we do to make the best use of the time we have each school year? We can try new approaches and place an emphasis on our own creativity in everything we do. Perhaps the answer is developing and nurturing our creativity, which would then manifest itself in everything we do in our classroom and with students.

Is there a focus on creativity in your classroom? Considering all of the potential that creativity unlocks and unleashes for students and teachers, increased creativity in the curriculum could be the key to real results. International Dot Day (September 15th) reminds us to re-commit and re-connect to the power and potential of creativity. Have you read Peter Reynolds’ book The Dot? (See description dot).

How can netTrekker help you make your mark?

  • Creative resources to develop and nurture creativity
    How? The Creativity Resources Collection in Global Portfolio . Explore, extend and exercise creativity for both learners and educators. Our content team has curated some amazing resources you can use to celebrate Dot Day and keep creativity alive in the classroom all year long.
  • Creative approaches to meeting Common Core mastery with your students
    How? Use out-of-the-box thinking to meet the unique challenges that exist with the Common Core State Standards for your learners. Find content with formats to engage and inspire your students to take their learning to deeper levels. Use resource types like primary sources or biographies, which can be found using the refinement options in netTrekker, or look to raise the complexity of the different types of texts learners are using .
  • Creative ways for you to connect with parents
    How? Connect with parents by sharing content you have hand-picked for students’ home learning environments (using netTrekker’s My Portfolio tools). Content curated by educators is a powerful resource for parents – especially when their students are struggling in certain areas. When a teacher selects resources that students can use at home it creates a powerful partnership between home and school that will significantly impact the learning outcomes. Connect parents to the ideas you have for their children by using netTrekker’s My Portfolio feature to create special folders for your parents – either using the class folders or emailing functions within a folder. Check out an example of teacher created folder for a first grade student to use over the summer at home to extend reading and writing skills for the next school year.
  • Creative collaboration methods for educators to connect and share lessons and resources
    How? Collaborate with colleagues to create a learning community in your school. Whether you are sharing approaches around creativity and Dot Day or new learning ideas to address CCSS and the gaps the school may have in the curriculum, the tools in netTrekker’s My Portfolio provide solutions for collecting and sharing that important work at every level in your organization. See some of the great ideas that groups of teachers have shared with us for their classrooms – built using the tools, content, and the unique knowledge these teachers had about the needs for learners in their organizations.

Give a few of these ideas a try and share more with everyone below.

At Knovation, we are inspired by all the creative ways educators make their marks, and we are honored to know that we can help you do that with great digital resources. Thank you for everything you do!

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