Supercharge Your Canvas Courses with netTrekker Resources


We are excited to announce that we’ve made improvements to the netTrekker external tool in Canvas, making it incredibly simple for teachers to embed reliable online resources into Canvas modules and assignments.

While teachers already rely on netTrekker to add engaging online resources to their Canvas courses, the process today can be a bit challenging as students have to perform a step or two to sign in to netTrekker. We’ve simplified the process to no longer require these extra steps!

Once netTrekker has been installed in Canvas, online resources can be easily added to a course module or assignment. The new netTrekker external tool provides a streamlined pathway to the same great resources available in the full netTrekker application, now in a way that is optimized for the Canvas experience.

Once a teacher identifies the resource that they would like to add to their course, they click the ‘Embed’ button. By doing this, the resource is now available to students who can use it without having to sign in to netTrekker.

blog screenshots

Just like with netTrekker, we monitor online resources embedded in Canvas to make sure that they remain alive and appropriate for the classroom.

We’re excited about the new external tool and look forward to hearing your feedback!

Check out the video below for a sneak peak of the new and improved netTrekker integration in Canvas.

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