DonorsChoose: Engage Through Interaction at Kenwood Elementary School, Springfield, Ohio

As Knovation continues to do something good for kids, every day, we are especially inspired by Mrs. Siwek.  Teaching grades 6-8 at Kenwood Elementary School of the Springfield City School District in Springfield, Ohio, she supports students’ natural curiosities to know.   So do we.  This is why we’ve chosen to help fund her DonorsChoose request, “Engage through Interaction.”

Mrs. Siwek has requested funding for an interactive whiteboard system to encourage a collaborative environment for her students to create and deliver presentations for their social studies and science classes.   By doing so, these children become both learners and teachers.  An interactive whiteboard system allows presenting students to engage their audience with hands-on maps of commerce and trade for social studies or how cells works in science.   Students go from a singular learning experience to a group effort where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the lessons.   These students were born into and are growing up in the digital age of which their classroom needs to reflect.   As Mrs. Siwek explains, “this interactive whiteboard system is the first step in giving students a real opportunity to utilize their learning in a real world context.”  An interactive whiteboard system allows them to show what they learn for themselves and with one another.

A fully funded request, due by December 3, 2017, would serve at least 75 students in grades six through eight.   We think it a worthy cause and encourage you to make it possible for Mrs. Siwek and her students who are excited to interact with one another in such a visual and collaborative way!

The Springfield City School District, Pre-K through grade 12, serves nearly 8,000 students.   With academic and extracurricular goals to ensure academic growth for all students, they continue to support personalized, customized learning opportunities.   The middle and high school students have the ability to blend traditional coursework, online coursework, and experiential learning options.  It is a vibrant learning community, representing the racial, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of Springfield.  There are more than 490 teachers and about 355 support staff and administrators who guide these enthusiastic learners on their educational path.

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