This Week We Celebrate Teachers….


Showing appreciation to a teacher (yours, your child’s, your colleagues’) doesn’t have to mean that you create a holiday, bring food or provide gifts.  Sometimes it is as simple as writing a short note letting her/him know you acknowledge all that he/she does.  It’s kind of cool to see the look on a teacher’s face when he/she hears from a past or present student about how he/she has made an impact—for some it is a shy smile of humility and for some there is a response that looks like the face of a kid on Christmas morning.

So, even if you’re too busy to write a note, inscribe something in your favorite book and give it to him/her, have your child draw a picture or bring him/her a snack… tell the teacher he/she have made a difference, be sure to explain how and why (that’s the special in specifics).

As we continue our work here at Knovation to ignite the hope of knowing, we also need to take a moment to make sure that the teachers we serve enjoy the gift of knowing as well–knowing they make a difference in the lives of students.

Thank you to the teachers out there who made a difference in my life and to all teachers – you are appreciated this week and beyond!

Randy Wilhelm – CEO, Knovation

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