To Blend or Not to Blend? That’s Not the Question.

Ohio State of Opportunity

The Ohio Blended Learning Network, in partnership with two other organizations, conducted a survey of 211 schools in Ohio and found the following:

• Nearly 58% of the schools have some type of blended learning model.
• High schools are adopting blended learning at a faster rate- 71% of high schools have a blended learning model
• 73% of schools offering blended learning are doing so to offer personalization for students
• 54% of schools offering blended learning are doing so to improve student academic outcomes

Blended learning environments create opportunities and paths for students to engage with instructional materials in a manner that matches their learning style and respects their own pace.

The survey results were used as the foundation to create an overview of the status and direction of blended learning in the state of Ohio, identifying needs and challenges of blended learning, and recommending next steps to address these.

One of the challenges faced by Ohio districts that are looking at implementing or that have already implemented blended learning is the need for finding quality content for the online component of their programs. With the proliferation of free online learning resources over the past years, you would expect that finding good content to create or supplement classes would be a simple task. But it’s not. Finding reliable, teacher-evaluated, age-appropriate, subject-specific and standard-aligned content takes teachers’ time and effort.

The question then shifts away from whether or not you should blend, but when, how and how much will it cost your district. One point all districts need to consider is the cost of opportunity loss as blended learning environments have proven over and over again to far outweigh the cost of not blending.

We would love to hear what your school is doing to include blended learning into your classrooms. If you haven’t started, or if you are in the process, let us know. Whether you use our solutions or not, we are here to help you weigh the pros and cons and help guide you as you move into the blended learning environment.

For more information on the Ohio Blended Learning Network survey, click here.

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