Feb 2014: We Love Teachers: Teacher Tools and Resources

We value educators and are committed to making sure they have great tools to support the important work they do for students.

netTrekker is filled with tools collected especially with teachers in mind. These include links to national teacher associations, education news sources, professional development, classroom resources, and state and provincial educational resources, as well as many other helpful sites for educators. Areas that are popular right now include (click on the comic to check out that area in netTrekker – be sure to log in):

Teacher Tools

To access Teacher Resources, click on the Browse (A) tab on your home page. Then choose Teacher Resources (B) in the Themes section. Scroll through the carousel of Theme choices, if necessary, use the orange arrows ( or ) .

If an arrow is gray, there are no choices available.

Once you access the Teacher Resources section, you can drill down to find the Teacher Resource topic that suits your interests or needs. After you find the desired topic, you can click on the resources listed, or, if available, click “View All Content for This Topic” to expand your result set.

You will also find all kinds of Web 2.0 creation tools in the Teacher Resources area. One resource we love is the comic maker, which was used to create this page. Check out the full comic here, click the Remix button on the top left corner and try it for yourself.

Check out more amazing resources in netTrekker right now – remember, we <3 you and all the great work you are doing!

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