What Attributes Are Important When Selecting Digital Resources?

Earlier this month, Knovation released the results of a National Survey on Digital Content & Curriculum that asked 141 educators and administrators across the country which attributes of a K-12 digital curriculum strategy are most important to them.

One of the key findings provides guidance on what to focus on when selecting digital resources—when asked about the importance of attributes related to the process of selecting digital resources to purchase, educators prioritized the ones that focus on the alignment of the resources to specific district needs. Educators want to purchase digital resources that directly align with district initiatives, district curriculum documents and state standards. Each district wants to purchase digital resources that are highly personalized to its own needs and that will help students be successful in the classroom.

The implications of these findings are that the selection of digital resources should be driven by a school district’s priorities. Districts should choose and implement solutions that match digital resources directly to their curriculum documents (specifically district pacing guides and curriculum maps), creating an embedded collection of resources that are customized specifically to match the district’s student achievement goals.

When selecting digital resources to purchase, districts should make sure the resources are aligned to Common Core and state standards. Districts that have aligned their curriculum to the Common Core should verify the alignment between the resources for English Language Arts and Mathematics and the Publishers’ Criteria for the Common Core. Districts should also choose solutions that align well with their primary district initiatives (e.g., 1:1 environment, blended learning, print-to-digital transition, data-driven instruction, etc.).

For more details, please download the full report.

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